Web Design Services :: Houston, Sugar Land, and Katy

Web Site Design Services

RCorpDesign begins the web design process by listening, making sure that we understand the challenges and opportunities about your specific field of industry or type of business. Once we have capture all the project requirements, at the next step is to plan the look-and-feel. From designing layouts, creating temporary website, publishing, hosting, maintaining, and promoting your website, RCorpDesign is devoted to your long-term online website success.

Below are some of the steps in the web design process:

  1. Our consultants are trained to ask basic questions designed to examine your overall website design from many angles. Your website project will be more complete, as all components are considered and incorporated from the start.
  2. Once we have clearly defined your website project, the layout process begins. Layout pages of custom website designs tailored toward your specific company mission will be sent to you for your review.
  3. Once we received your feedback, All necessary changes will be made according to your preferences. We want your website to reflect your unique business and encourage your participation.
  4. All website designs and content are original and innovative for optimal Search Engine Friendly Website.
  5. All web development is coded manually. Many companies use website generator from software packages, which produces more code than needed. The benefits of not using website generator from software package are:

    1. Efficient use of web server space for better performance
    2. Faster page loading time so visitors don't wait
    3. Cross-browser compatible and corporation defined designs to ensure proper viewing by all visitors
  6. All website design work is completed in-house and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Maintenance and support are available upon request.