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Many business owners are overwhelmed when trying to understand how to take their business online. We've helped businesses of all types take advantage of eCommerce.

Your online store will have a custom design to match your brand. A great design is important because it instills trust in your store, making it easier for people to make a purchase without hesitation.

The cart is loaded with features to help you manage, feature and sell products. Monitor what your customers are searching for, see what they have added to their carts and contact them with instant deals to get them to complete a purchase.

Below are some of the steps in the e-commerce process:

Step 1: We Learn About Your Business

We ask the necessary questions to understand your business and its unique challenges. Our consultants are trained to ask basic questions designed to examine your overall e-commerce website from many angles. Your e-commerce website project will be more complete, as all components are considered and incorporated from the start.

Step 2: The Design

Once we have clearly defined your e-commerce web project, the layout process begins. Our designers will get right to work providing several amounts of custom layout designs toward your specific company mission. Layout pages of custom e-commerce website designs will be sent to you for your review. Once we received your feedback, All necessary changes will be made according to your preferences. In this stage, you will have the freedom to choose the layout you like most and make unlimited revisions until you're satisfied!

Step 3: The Markup

Once your design is complete and "in final", we will begin the HTML Markup process which converts the Photoshop template into an actual website. This includes the CSS styles, the HTML development, drop down navigation menus, animated carousel sliders, and other User Interface functionality that your design requires. In this stage, we'll provide a temporary site where you can see your project being developed in real-time.

Step 4: Development & Programming

Our web developers are busy at work architecting your database, the necessary tables and fields you will need, and methods required for your website. We will begin the integration of the "back end" if applicable with your new "front end" design. All web development is coded manually. Many companies use website generator from software packages, which produces more code than needed. The benefits of not using website generator from software package are:

  1. Efficient use of web server space for better performance
  2. Faster page loading time so visitors don't wait
  3. Cross-browser compatible and corporation defined designs to ensure proper viewing by all visitors

Step 5: Testing

Once your website is complete, we'll do our best to try and break it. Our website engineering team thoroughly tests the code to find and repair any problems and make sure everything is working properly. We'll make the necessary hosting changes to move your site from development to production servers. At this time we'll discuss backup plans and offer hosting and maintenance options for you. All website designs and content are original and innovative for optimal Search Engine Friendly Website.

Step 6: You're In Business!

Our work is done - for now. All website design work is completed in-house and we guarantee customer satisfaction. Maintenance and support are available upon request.

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